EasyPico and EASY:bit

[EasyPico]  Raspberry Pi Pico Bipedal Robot







3D Data, How to Make, and Code are open to the public.
You can assemble it with parts costing about 7000 Japanese yen (70 US dollars as ¥100/$, not include PLA filament).


The power supply is designed to be safe with AAA batteries.
For example, how about as a material for STEM education?
Or simply enjoy it 😊


[Easy:bit]  Micro:bit Bipedal Robot

The concept is “easy to make”.

  • Easy to collect parts. Using general-purpose parts like SG90. Battery is AAA.
  • Easy to print. Designed to prevent stacking cracks. Max parts is 8cm x 8cm.
  • Easy to assemble. Simple design. Maybe able to assemble in a few days.
  • Easy to program. Block programming is available on the Micro:bit.

EASY:bit was inspired by PLEN:bit.  3D data and sample motion are published on thingiverse.

EasyBit Ver1.0(2021)





EasyBit Ver0.5(2021)




EasyBit Ver0.1 (2021)







  1. Jes says:


    can i get all the moves code for bbc microbit plz ?